It is time to wrap up our adventure: the ICFP Programming Contest 2019 is now officially over!

We thank all teams for their hard work and for staying with us till the end: the last 72 hours were extremely exciting (and mostly sleepless) for us! We hope you enjoyed your experience of operating worker-wrappers, as well as minting lambda-coins and spending them wisely. Rest assured, the bit rotten code is now safely stored in perfectly insulated mines, all thanks to your heroic efforts.

Immediate Action Items

If you wish your team to be considered for a prize, make sure to update your profile with complete information and submit a single .zip-archive with your source code, a README file (brief directions for us to build/run the solution; description of the solution approach; feedback about the contest; self-nomination for Judges’ Prize; etc), and any other supporting materials. This should be done via this page no later than two hours after the end of the contest, by June 24 2019, 12:00 UTC.

The private submission histories of individual teams will be kept on our server for 24 hours after the end of the contest, and will be wiped out on June 25 2019, 10:00 UTC. If you wish to download your team’s history, you can do it by executing

wget -mkEpnp -e robots=off<private_id>/

Final Results

We will post further information regarding the final rankings in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!